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Restorative dentistry

Known as “Minimally invasive dentistry”.

It uses adhesive techniques with latest-generation materials, which allow us to preserve to the utmost the remaining dental tissue and restore the lost function and aesthetics.

The material used is the composite. Composites are composed of resin, a synthetic material that hardens after the application of a LED light.

Its utility is extensive. It can be used to reconstruct teeth with cavities. It can also be used to modify the shape, length of the teeth as well as to close the dark spaces that can appear after gum treatment, to close diastemas (space between two teeth), to correct dental asymmetries, and for the reconstruction of coronary fractures to return the tooth to its natural shape and restore its function and normal form.

Step by step technique

The procedure consists of preparing the dental enamel with an acid gel and the subsequent application of an adhesive. This strong adhesive will sustain the restorative material, which will be placed in small layers that will be shaped carefully.

Once each layer is placed, it will harden thanks to a strong LED light. The different colours and tones of the material can be combined to give the tooth the desired appearance. Finally, it is polished to smooth the surface and make it shine.