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This is necessary in the treatment of teeth with stains (spots and discolouring).

It is a simple procedure, with hardly any secondary effects, although there are contraindications to whitening that must be assessed previously. There are two types of whitening treatments:


It is the most conservative method for improving the appearance of the teeth, since in a very simple way the teeth can be lightened, achieving whiter teeth, and thus returning them to a younger and healthier appearance. It is a completely harmless method if it is done under a physician’s supervision. There are two types of external whitening:

Home whitening

This consists of the application of a whitening gel in a transparent tray, perfectly adapted to the teeth, in which a whitening gel is placed and it is worn for a determined time at home. This gel penetrates the external surface (enamel) and whitens the interior of the teeth. The colour change will be visible from the first days of application and is permanent although small recurrences may occur over time.

Whitening in the clinic

In cases of a colouration of greater intensity, the whitening can be done with cold light, always being performed in the dental clinic. The concentration of the whitening agent is greater than that used in the external whitening technique and for this reason the gums must be protected. Greater whitening is achieved in a short period of time.


This consists of lightening a tooth that has undergone a root canal which for different reasons has lost the original colour and has darkened. It is a simple and conservative technique, with unbeatable aesthetic results, since it preserves intact the external anatomy of the tooth.

The chemical products that are used are capable of filtering through the tooth, so the internal tissue undergoes an oxidation process, which is translated into whitening. The intensity of the whitening will depend on each patient.