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    Our team / 02

    We have a team of professionals who combine training of recognised quality and a long professional experience.

    We participate in programs of continuous training in order to offer a service at the highest level. Each member of the clinic has been selected for his or her technical preparation and personal profile and they work each day to achieve the best results.

    Miss Gloria Escuder Sanchís

    Graduate in Dentistry from the University of Valencia (2007-2012).

    Intern in Master’s Program “Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics” of the University of Valencia (2011-2012).

    Certified to direct a Radiodiagnostic Medical Dental Unit by the Nuclear Safety Council.

    Master’s Degree in Individual and Community Clinical Dentistry. University of Valencia (2012-2013).

    Attendee in clinical sessions, courses and conferences, continuing her training actively and staying up to date in the latest new developments.

    Miss Micaela Perea Márquez

    Graduate in Administration from the Fray Luis de León Vocational Training Institute of Aldaya (Valencia) (1979-1982).

    Computer course in the BAC Academy of Alaquas (Valencia).

    Specialist Technician in Bucco-Dental Hygiene (1999).

    She works in the clinic’s coordination and administration and in patient assistance.

    She has attended hygiene courses, staying up to date in her speciality.

    Miss Sandra Guevara

    Dental Assistant Degree from the School of Health of Cauca (Colombia) (2004-2006).

    Training in Administration and Finances (Colombia) (2006).

    Graduate in Bucco-Dental hygiene in the Madre Sacramento Centre (Torrente) (Valencia) (2010-2012).

    Sandra currently carries out tasks typical of her certification as dental hygienist, clinical assistant as well as that of sterilisation.

    She has participated in hygienist courses, staying up to date in the latest developments in her speciality.