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We offer the most advanced endodontic (root canal) treatments with microscope:

Endodontics, Endodontic re-treatment, Endodontic surgery, Dentoalveolar traumatology, Internal post-endodontic whitening.

A root canal consists of the elimination of the pulp tissue that is inside the dental roots, in order to maintain the tooth and its chewing function.

Due to the small size of the root ducts where the nerves and pulp vessels are housed, the endodontic treatment is one of the most complicated in dentistry. The treatment using a surgical microscope will allow increasing up to 32 times the size of a tooth and its anatomy, as well as projecting an intense light in the operating field which allows visualising the process with greater precision.

For the diagnosis in endodontics, we use the most modern technology in 3D digital radiology, we have the latest generation of CBCT Volume Tomography: CS 8100.