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What will the first visit be like?

In the first visit, Dra. María Vázquez will make an exhaustive examination of your mouth: she will examine your teeth, gums, the way in which your dental arches fit together, the temporomandibular joints and the soft tissues of your mouth. She will comment with you all the aspects related to your oral situation, for the purpose of giving you a precise idea of your treatment needs, the treatment options, price quotation and other questions that may be of interest to you.

On certain occasions, it may be necessary to take intraoral and/or extraoral radiographs, CBCT, photographs, video and obtain study models that will be mounted on an articulator for making a more in-depth study. In the latter case, you will be given another appointment in a few days in order to go over with you all the details of the planning and to clarify any doubt that you may have.

What information will I receive regarding my treatment?

Before starting your treatment, your diagnosis and treatment plan, its duration, the price quotation and chosen payment method will be explained. At the same time, our team will give you specific buccal hygiene instructions. During the treatment you will be continually informed on the evolution, and our clinic will be available to you for the solution of problems or discomfort.

What are the price quotations and payment methods like?

The price quotation will be delivered in writing before beginning the treatment. The payment can be made easily and conveniently according to your needs. We can accept payment with credit card, direct debiting service and bank financing.